Frequently asked questions


Do you deliver outside the UK?

UK only I am afraid, mainly because of the cost, time and temperatures in transit.


Where can I buy your cheese in my area?

Because we supply through wholesalers, we don’t have details of all our retailers. If you are in Scotland then the Farmers Market page has a list of markets which may be near you. Otherwise click the Stock Up link, buying online may not be as expensive as you thought.


How long is the shelf life on the cheese?

The cheese should have at least 10 weeks shelf life when you get it.


Do you do Tours?

We don’t do tours, however from the shop we have a large viewing window where you can watch the cheese being made. All our staff can make the cheese so whoever is in the shop will be delighted to explain the processes you are watching in the dairy.


How many cheeses do you make in a day?

On average 1500 cheeses per day are made and each one is hand dipped four times in the wax pot.


Are the cheeses suitable for vegetarians?

Yes all our cheese is made with vegetarian rennet.


Are the cheeses made from pasteurised milk?

Yes all our cheese is made with pasteurised milk